Fully Immersive

Open your mind with Acidik’s immersive lightshow. A unique “wearable” app that enables you to tune out from the outside world.


Acidik reacts to the beat of your tunes. Or enable microphone mode to visualise ambient audio from your immediate environment.

Colour themes

Select from several colour themes to suit your mood or allow Acidik to cycle through each theme automatically.

“The great thing about your app is that it works! The past two nights I have slept better. My worries flow out and away from my mind. Very meditating holistic approach for me.”
Delano Ayala

“The only app I have worked on in 6 years that I want to use myself.”
Kartik – Development Team

“Ohhh! It’s like looking into a bright sky.”
My Mum

“What is this?”
My Dad

“I fell asleep”
Kelvin H

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What is Acidik?

Acidik is an app you really need to experience for yourself, but see the video below for a sneak peak.

Developer’s Diary

Acidik is now reaching for the stratosphere

Well that turned out to be a much longer birth than anticipated but I’m proud to announce the launch of Acidik. Available from the App store today. I hope you guys enjoy using the fruits of what started out as just a simple thought bubble several years ago, but has now materialised into...

Getting ready to launch

Well the end of the road seems to now be in view and Im excited to be nearing final release. Can’t wait for everyone to experience what we have been testing behind the scenes for the last few months.


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